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Get a 30-minute "Complete Ultrasound Pain Evaluation" to address what is causing the pain and determine the best treatment options.

"I've struggled with Pain in my knees and back for over 15 years.  Two weeks after my OCM+Stem Cell procedure I felt like a new man!"

John Rodriguez, Murrietta CA.

The Future of Medicine is Now!

Our Regenerative Medicine treatments have helped hundreds of patients get back into doing the things they love!  No more covering up the pain with dangerous and addictive medication or wasting time and money on treatments that only make things worse.

Finally, a solution that works!



Non-Surgical Pain Relief

We treat chronic pain in knees, backs, hips, shoulders, wrists, and more without harmful drugs or dangerous surgery.





Patients can get back out on the golf course, start playing music again, walking the dog, playing with the kids or grandkids, and just living life without worrying about the pain.


Our Ozone, Ozone Clot Matrix (OCM) and OCM + Stem Cells are all Non-Surgical Procedures intended to give the body the resources it needs to properly heal the pain, once and for all.


Minimal Downtime, no long-term risks with any of our procedures.  Most of our patients are recovering in less than two weeks!  Patients can start resuming normal activities within a few days


Our Regenerative Procedures are Safe and have been tested for over 20+ years. We use FDA approved techniques and are here to support you 100%.

With minimal side effects, no long term risk, and a super fast recovery time...people are seeing amazing results from our Regenerative Medicine Procedures.

This stuff works!  

We are seeing great results.


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When Ozone is injected into a joint it has been shown to stimulate the release of inflammatory chemicals that trigger the immune system to promote healing. Injections include: Procaine (for nerve reset), B Vitamin Mixture, and it is followed by Ozone. This procedure is great for pain and inflammation in your neck, back, knees, and really any joint that may need relief. It is the most popular of our Regenerative Therapies and a great starting point for our patients.

Ozone Clot Matrix (OCM)

OCM is a form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy that has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation and is a step up from basic Ozone injections. During the process, your blood is drawn and placed into a specialized Hula cup to begin the clotting process. This activates important Platelets that are removed from the cup, mixed with B Vitamins and Ozone to form the Ozone Clot Matrix. This is then injected into your joint.

OCM + Stem Cells

There are several types of Stem Cell therapies that are becoming popular for treating chronic pain. We believe that the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from amniotic tissue membranes are the safest and most effective way to best harness the life-giving properties of Stem Cells. 

When combined with the Ozone Clot Matrix the "Live" Mesenchymal Stem Cells will become stimulated and start to rapidly replicate. Our procedures include 30-60 Million Stem Cells per vial that can turn into 400+ Million within the first few days.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) is not a static magnet (like magnetic mattress pads), but a Resonating Magnetic Field (RMS) that is used in conjunction with ALL of our Regenerative Therapies. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy returns lost energy and lost cellular balance to a normal, healthy state of vibration. PEMF is a powerful tool that can be used to help facilitate the healing process that is started with Ozone, OCM and OCM + Stem Cell Injection Therapies.

One 30 Minute Consultation 

Could Change Everything!

Michael, From Temecula

"I have struggled with pain for over 20+ Years before I did the Ozone and Stem Cell therapy.  They are nothing short of a miracle."

"I thought I was going to need the Stem Cells for sure.  But, I got total relief from just the Ozone injections.  I can't even make it hurt!"

Justin, Temecula CA

"The pain in my shoulder is gone.  I had tried everything, and nothing had worked."

"I Jumped off the table and felt immediate relief!  And it just keeps getting better and better"

Jillaine, From Temecula

Jim, From Temecula

You will have an in-depth 30 Minute Examination with a Physician to determine the right course of action for you.  A $100 fee will be charged for your initial visit, but the full amount will be credited towards your first procedure.



Last but certainly not least, we will provide you with long-term strategies that will allow you to keep on top of your health and remain pain-free and fully functional. We have follow up therapies available to keep your body in harmony and keep you feeling your absolute best. 




Next, our Physician will conduct the Regenerative procedure(s) and create a customized treatment plan specifically designed for you to give your body what it needs to heal quickly and eliminate your pain.


Living Pain Free in 3 Easy Steps

Dr. Lundquist is a board certified physician in Integrative Medicine and is the Medical Director for the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine and oversees all of the Regenerative Medicine procedures.

WATCH: Video by Erik Lundquist, MD

What is the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine?

TCIM is a truly Integrative Medical Clinic focused on treating chronic disease with a Functional Medicine Approach

What is My Recovery Time After Regenerative Therapy?

Recovery time is fast!  Most patients are back to their normal activity in a matter of days.  Some more challenging conditions may take a couple of weeks.

How Much Do the Regenerative Procedures Cost?

Ozone Injections for pain start at $300 and our more comprehensive Stem Cell Therapies are in the $3,800 - $6,000 range.

What are the risks involved in Regenerative Medicine?

Typical side effects are bruising, aches, and subtle pain, for the first few days as the regeneration process takes place.

Our Doctors are Here to Serve You!


Our doctors provide a comprehensive range of services with a personal approach.  They specialize in Integrative Medicine, and bring the best of Western Medicine together with Alternative Treatments.

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Erik Lundquist, MD

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